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About ladies . Ladies please forgive me?

Why do ladies avoid lip kiss with her husband ????
How many of you ladies get hurt (pain) when touched by hand /fingure outside your private area /parts/underbelly. Does it really hurt.
I have to take decision on your answer. Pl. Reply frankly and truely.
Is it possible that
she is avoiding me,
she has affair with someone,
she is scared due to she might have been raped.
I don`t know why it comes to my mind that she might have been raped I don`t know when / at what age.

Posted by Sumit K

It depends from lady to lady. There are many ladies who love to lip kiss their husbands, and then there are those who don't. It's a private matter which should be shared between them. I'll use myself as an example. For me, it was the other way around. I liked kissing him, but he didn't like kissing me. Later, it turned out that yes, it was my breath, but later on, he didn't please me in bed either. Too rough. I later learned that this was due to a control thing he was doing with me. He used anything and everything to control me, even if it was sex. He was too rough, when he used to be soft and sensual. Same with the kisses. First it was fine, but then it got rough and my lips were blue.

If he caresses me with care, no it doesnt hurt no matter where he touches me. But after a while, he just got really rough with me. Even non sexual touching too. He'd hold my hand and squeeze it tight, n smile when I told him I was in pain. Then he would tell me it didn't hurt and I was making it all up in my head. But in our first week of marriage, he was VERY gentle with all touches. When I would tell him he hurt me, he'd just get angry. ONe day I lied there still n he did what he had to, yes, it hurt, then he went and told his parents we NEVER had relations.

If ur wife is having problems, please talk to her. Don't hurt her anymore. Because if u do, she could leave, or just grow very distant. Please don't let it get that far.

Lady gaga insprired costumes ! !0 points!!!?

Ok so my 4 friends and i are making a dance to Born this way by lady gaga and we need some costume ideas. We want something sorta lady gaga inspired but not too crazy. Were also on a budget. Pictures and sites appreciated! We cant wait to see what you all come up with!

Posted by
Lady Gaga or Britney Spears?

I prefer Lady Gaga! :D.

Posted by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, without any doubt!!
Gaga has an apsoulutley amazing voice, and has said on numerous occasions that she will NEVER mime during a live performance, she said that if you mime, you dont derserve your fame as a 'singer'
I wish Britney would live by that rule to, all britney is known for is miming, while Lady Gaga is stylish and trendy, Britney looks like a washed up tart.
Plus Gaga's music is new, inventive, and great to listen to.
I like Brit, but all her music consists of nowadays if the same, robotitc sounding.. 'oh yeah, bayba bayba'
I think Gaga is better in all ways Tbh, Britney was good in her day, but her time has come to MOVE the hell over!
:) x.

Ryan leslie- how it was supposed to be

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